Lake Texoma Fish Species | Striper, Bass, Crappie

Lake Texoma is an 89,000 acre border lake between Texas and Oklahoma. Texoma is known renowned for it’s striped bass and is a popular attraction here in the Southwest. Lake Texoma is one of the largest reservoirs in the United States completed in 1944. Lake Texoma fish species span a variety of freshwater fish; such as striped bass, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, channel and blue cats, black and white crappie and various other freshwater fish.

Lake Texoma Striped Bass

Striped bass are the most popular Lake Texoma Fish Species and are of significant value for sport fishing, and have been introduced to many waterways outside their natural range. A variety of angling methods are used, including trolling and casting with topwater lures early morning and late evening, as well as bait casting with live and dead bait. The largest Striped Bass caught on a rod and reel on Lake Texoma was 35.12 pounds caught in 1984.

Lake Texoma Sand Bass Fishing

White bass are silvery shading from dark-gray or black on the back to white on the belly. Several incomplete lines or stripes run horizontally on each side of the body. Adult white bass resembles young striped bass, and the two are often confused. Lake Texoma offers ample opportunity at white bass, thanks to the Washita and Red Rivers. The Lake Texoma white bass record is 3.41 pounds and 18.00 inches in length, caught in 1994.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing On Lake Texoma

Smallmouth bass, also known as “smallies” are favored by some bass fisherman over largemouth. While the smallmouth bass in Texas aren’t the same size as they are in the northern parts of the country, these bass are often a preferred species of fish when it comes to angling on Lake Texoma. Smallmouth bass are known to feed on minnows, crayfish, and alderfly larvae, which are among the most successful live baits used. The Lake Texoma record smallmouth bass is 7.06 pounds and 22.75 long. Lake Texoma is a great smallmouth fishery and often overlooked! Catching smallmouth on our Striper Fishing Charters is not uncommon!

White & Black Crappie Fishing

Lake Texoma offers ample opportunities to catch both white and black crappie. Black crappie predominate in Texas acidic waters of the east and northeast. Black crappie over 3.5 pounds and almost 4.5 pounds have been caught from both Texas public waters and private waters. During the spring months of late March well into April, crappie fishing is at it’s best due to the Spawn. The Lake Texoma crappie record is a White Crappie that weighed in at 3.23 pounds and 15.50 inches in length.

Blue And Channel Catfish

One of the most popular of Lake Texoma fish species is both the blue and channel catfish. The blue catfish is the largest freshwater sportfish in Texas. Where mature populations exist, 50-pounders are not unusual. Typically, the largest fish are caught by trotliners, some of whom have landed specimens in excess of 115 pounds. Rod-and-reel anglers have landed specimens in excess of 80 pounds. The Lake Texoma catfish record is a 121.50 pound blue cat that came in at 58.00 in length caught in 2004.

Largemouth Bass Fishing Lake Texoma

The second most sought after Lake Texoma fish species is the laregmouth bass. Two subspecies of largemouth bass exist in Texas: the native Micropterus salmoides salmoides and the Florida largemouth bass. These subspecies are visually indistinguishable, although they may be distinguished by genetic testing procedures. Both are usually green with dark blotches that form a horizontal stripe along the middle of the fish on either side. The underside ranges in color from light green to almost white. The Lake Texoma largemouth bass record is 11.90 pounds and is 25.50 inches long.


Smallmouth bass


Largemouth bass

Channel Cat

Channel catfish

White Bass

White bass fish


Crappie fish
Fish to catch on Lake Texoma

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