North Texas Duck Season 2017 – 2018

Duck Season Is Here, Are You Ready?

Duck season is upon us. Let the top North Texas Duck Hunting Guide get you started on the right hunt. Tommorrow (November 11) is the first day of the duck hunting season here in North Texas and the flyways are already filled with many of the migrant ducks going to a place to winter.
For us Waterfowl hunters this is a highly anticipated season that we prepare for all year long and we just can’t wait to get out in the marshes and start calling the ducks into shotgun range. So being prepared with all the right essentials and having a seasoned and professional North Texas Duck Hunting Guide for a guided duck hunt is key to a successful hunting season. You will find out that it is worth the money when you bring home your bag limit every day your are out there.

Picking the right guide

Having a guide is one thing but selecting a professional duck hunting guide that is seasoned and experienced like Captain Marty of Texoma-Fishing to get you to the right area, at the right time will determine whether you bag your limit or waste alot of valuable time in a cold marsh. Yes, hunting is hunting but having a experienced guide for a professional guided duck hunt that doesn’t waist your time or money will bring great dividends during the duck hunt.

Know your waterfowl

You don’t want to shoot an out of season or an endangered waterfowl because you did not take the time to know your waterfowl before going out to hunt. It could cost you!!! That’s why taking a little knowledge of what your shooting and having a duck huntng guide with you to answer any questions is key to a successful duck hunt that won’t get you in trouble. That will save you alot of heartache and money in the long run.

Know your seasons

Here in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma there are 2 duck seasons: November 11-26 2017/December 2 2017-January 28, 2018. So be ready, be prepaired and get the most experienced North Texas duck Hunting guide in North Texas-Captain Marty Zamora of Texoma-Fishing.

Gun safety

Clean or have your shotgun cleaned and tested at the range before going out to the lake. It may have been sitting since last year, so take the time to do general maintenance on your shotgun so that it will have no problems when the ducks are flying. Check your ammo!! Make sure it is the right gauge and size ammo for the gun and season you are in.
Also it would not hurt to go over gun safety while hunting so everyone is on the same page while duck hunting. With the ducks flying in, you must know and stick to the sector you are shooting so you don’t cross another hunters field of fire. So let’s be safe out there with a little communication and foreknowledge of the duck hunting strategies that are planned out beforehand. Most of all, Lets all be safe so no one gets hurt and have a great and successful hunt that will last a life time.

Waterproof apparel

There is nothing worse than sitting in a marsh or a blind cold and wet because you didn’t have the right waterproof camo apparel. From boots to clothing, make sure you get good quality waterproof apparel and boots so your duck hunt is not a miserable one.

Snacks and water

Don’t forget to bring snacks (granola or protein bars) and water or gatorade in your backpack. Usually, we are out hunting a long time to get your bag limit. So take food and keep hydrated. It will make your hunt an enjoyable one.

Listen to your guide
We all have our opinions as duck hunters but your guide is there to help you and make every aspect of your guided duck hunt a successful and enjoyable one for you and your party. Captain Marty of Texoma-Fishing who has been a fishing and duck hunting guide for 30 plus years as a North Texas Duck Hunting Guide on Lake Texoma has the knowledge and expertise to get you to the right area to bag your limit and have a great time doing it. If anyone knows the waterfown flyways of Lake Texoma, it is Captain Marty from Texoma-Fishing.


For more information and to book a Duck Hunting Trip with us to book your trip contact us or call us at 903-821-8800 to check for our available dates during the duck hunting season. Don’t wait! It will fill up fast. Schedule your trip now for the dates of November 11-26, 2017 and December 2, 2017 through January 28, 2018.