Hagerman Wildlife Refuge Crappie Fishing map

Best Smallmouth Fishing Spots On Lake Texoma

From the Denison Dam Boat Launch, follow the path west to the bluffs west of the Dams Boat Launch. Smallmouth fishing is excellent on topwater early in the morning hours and last hour of the day. Striper can also be found here in abundance as well, offering the bank fisherman a good fishing spot on Lake Texoma that is easily accessible.

If you continue past the dam southwest on CR 1310, you will run into Eisenhower State Park, where the smallmouth bass fishing is excellent as well. The bluffs at Eisenhower State Park, are connected to the bluffs above, but this route gives you easier access to some of the further bluffs that may be harder to access without a boat.

Smallmouth bass fishing tactics.

  • Good electronics with mapping are crucial for finding the isolated rock piles, expansive flats, rocky points, reefs and shoals that smallmouth favor on the big waters.
Hagerman Wildlife Refuge Crappie Fishing map

Best Smallmouth Fishing Lures for Lake Texoma

#1 ~ Football Jigs

Simplistic in design, the marabou jig is about as basic as they come. These jigs are responsible for more crappie in landing nets than other lures combined. Marabou jigs are versatile, allowing you to fish more places that other lures just simply can’t. A cheap crappie fishing lure, marabou jigs can be found at just about every tackle shop around Lake Texoma. With as affordable as these little jigs are, we suggest getting a few different colors and sizes.

T-Man’s Pro Series™ Living Rubber Football Jigs

  • Hand-crafted from Fine Living Rubber and premium Bio-Flex Silicone skirt combinations.
  • Long-lasting silicone rattle-band skirt collars and each is wrapped with stainless steel wire for durability.
  • Gamakatsu EWG super sharp hook, designed to hook up and never let go.

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#2 ~ Small Jerkbaits

Jerkbaits make for a good cold water baits, and ideal for targeting smallmouth bass in the early spring with cooler water temperatures. The reason it works so well is they have the ability to be worked really slow, this is especially true for suspending jerkbaits.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Sports on Lake Texoma

Smallmouth Bass On Lake Texoma

Smallmouth bass prefer large clear-water lakes (greater than 100 acres, more than 30 feet deep) and cool streams with clear water and gravel substrate.

Current Lake Texoma smallmouth bass fishing record:

Weight: 7.06
Length: 22.75
Date Caught: Jan 29, 2006
Angler: Jay Fuller
Lure: Jig

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